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The Omen – Single


Each piece of film strip is carefully hand selected ensuring that the key characters and scenes from the movie are chosen.

The film cell will include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Supplied ready to hang.

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This superb filmcell features the Oscar winning movie, The Omen (1976) Stars Gregory Peck, Lee Remick and Harvey Stephens.

Robert (Peck) and Katherine (Remick) Thorn seem to have it all. They are happily married and he is the US Ambassador to Great Britain, but they want more than to have children. When Katharine has a stillborn child, Robert is approached by a priest at the hospital who suggests that they take a healthy newborn whose mother has just died in childbirth. Without telling his wife he agrees. After relocating to London, strange events begin and he is given ominous warnings by a priest. This leads him to believe that the child he took from that Italian hospital is evil incarnate.

This is a Limited Edition Film Cell of just 1000 pieces and comes with a Numbered plaque.

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