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Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines – Double


Each piece of film strip is carefully hand selected ensuring that the key characters and scenes from the movie are chosen.

The film cell will include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Supplied ready to hang.



This superb filmcell features the ASCAP award winning Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines (2003) Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes and Kristanna Loken.

John Connor (Stahl) now in his 20s and exists only as a drifter, living ‘off the grid’. This is so Terminators from the future can’t hunt him down. Unfortunately SkyNet sends back the T-X (Loken) who is even more advanced than the dreaded T-1000. However, another CSM-101 Terminator (Schwarzenegger) is also sent back to protect John against the T-X. Now, Skynet is patiently assuming control of civilian computer systems, under the guise of a computer virus. John has also met his future wife, Kate Brewster (Danes). Kate’s father a U.S. Air Force General is in charge of the military computer systems. However when the SkyNet virus infects the U.S military computers, the country is left open to attack and the machines begin their horrific takeover. Soon a nuclear war will result and the war against the machines will begin. Can the outdated CSM-101 Terminator eliminate the highly advanced T-X ?.

This is a Limited Edition Film Cell of just 1000 pieces and comes with a Numbered plaque.

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