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Terminator Salvation – Single


Each piece of film strip is carefully hand selected ensuring that the key characters and scenes from the movie are chosen.

The film cell will include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Supplied ready to hang.

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This superb filmcell features the movie, Terminator Salvation (2009) Stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin and Helena Bonham Carter.

In 2018, Skynet has destroyed most of humanity. The survivors have been hiding underground from an army of machines, known as “Terminators”. After a failed attack on a Skynet base, John Connor (Bale), the man fated to lead the Resistance is the sole survivor. On the other hand, Marcus Wright (Worthington), who only remembers being on death row, meets Kyle Reese (Yelchin). It is believed by Connor that he was sent from the future to kill him. Now Marcus and John must unlikely join forces in order to save Kyle Reese and the humans captured by the machines.

This is a Limited Edition Film Cell of just 1000 pieces and comes with a Numbered plaque. 

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